Supper Shuttle - Super shuttle/worst customer service

Livingston, New Jersey 0 comments

They were supposed to pick me up at the matson auto lot in long beach and never showed up and then blamed me for being a no show.Nice lady in the office checked with security guards and they said they never saw a supper shuttle.

They then wanted to charge me another 35$ for coming to get me. I argued with them for 1 1/2 hours being transferred over 5 times and I got the run around supervisors were mean and kept telling me their driver did show up. Finally the office manager called them and said they would be taken off their customer referral list is they didn't come get me and nit charge me again. They finally did that and the driver that did pick me up knew exactly where to go and apologized for the other driver.

I finally made it to LAX But have never never had such crappy customer service and will never use them again.I had been waiting in the pick up area but instead had to stand in the rain on the sidewalk to make sure I could see them.

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